Swedish Massage

If you’re feeling frazzled and want to chillax to the max, the Swedish is the rubdown for you! Applying minimal pressure and focusing on the feel-good factor, this ‘fluff and buff’ will leave you blissed-out and stress-free.

Deep-Tissue Massage

An all-over, head-to-toe knead-fest that delves deep into the psyche of your muscles to ease any tightness or soreness you feel.

Trigger-Point Massage

Concentrating on specific problem areas, any pesky knots that cause discomfort or pain will be smoothed out and eradicated. Take that, tension!

Injury Massage

This massage will increase blood flow to the area that’s injured so that you’ll be placed well and truly on the road to recovery and will be fighting fit in no time.

Sports Massage

Feeling the burn while playing sports is all very well and good but what about afterwards? Exercise can leave your muscles sore, stiff and crying out for a deep and active-motioned massage.

Specialized Massage

Just one technique not going to cut it? Create your ideal specialized massage with a combination of any or all of the above.